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1:1 Courses
Numerology & Soul Signs

Numerology or Soul Signs Course, online or in person.

"WOW Numerology!! Such a fun and eye opening course with Jo. This 1 on 1 course was amazing!  Being on my own meant we could delve deeper into personal life events (which I probably wouldn't have shared in a group). Every session contained lots of laughs and OMG that's ME Jo puts her knowledge in such a way that it was easy to understand - and I learnt the art of writing quickly!! It was very exciting to look at a different aspect of my life during the 4 sessions, so now with my notes and practice this will help me with decisions for my future. Oh yes and you don't need to be good with numbers - that was a bonus for me. I was sad when my 4 sessions were over, but look forward to the future now with love and excitement. Thank you Jo from the bottom of my heart - this is such a fantastic course."


"The Numerology Fun Course was an awesome introduction to the world of Numerology. I learned about calculating the core numbers and their meanings in a really enlightening, fun, engaging way - as with all of Jo's courses. Learning about numerology has added another layer of self understanding and awareness- why I am the way I am, what's important to me, how I express myself, what I'm destined for. It's another powerful eye opener. It's provided the option for a road map for life, which is up to me to follow or not. Jo is the epitome of the word 'teacher'. She uses a variety of learning techniques and makes it so easy to follow, understand and remember.  She cares about her students, her warmth and good humour are always appreciated."


"I recently completed Jo's amazing Soul Signs course It's hard to articulate just how amazing it is but the one on one sessions to explore why we are the way we are, and why others are the way they are has bought so much peace and clarity to my life. I've struggled in the past few years with my identity and this course helped out some crucial bits of the puzzle together. Jo's an amazing teacher and provides a warm, structured, supportive, peaceful environment to step into each week. Thank you so much Jo! Bless xxx"


“WOW I understand myself so much better on so many levels. I know why I react and can now also give myself more compassion.  I am ok being ‘me’. I’m very much looking forward to more self-awareness and the understanding of others through their Soul Signs. Jo is a fabulous facilitator - her insight and knowledge helps you to just be ‘you’!  Thank you Jo. X"


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