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Soul Sanctuary

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Are you seeking more calm and serenity in your life?

Do you desire more peace, harmony and balance?

Perhaps you wish to strengthen your connection to Source energy, deepen your understanding & develop your intuition more?

Soul Sanctuary can assist you...

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Meet Jo

Following my soul's passion, purely immersing myself fulltime in facilitating Metaphysics classes, courses, workshops and retreats after years of classroom experience as a trained teacher,

is both a privilege and a blessing.

I love working with a diverse range of people from all walks of life, sharing insights and information

and helping people to rediscover and enhance their often hidden potential.

As an experienced Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner, my mission is to assist you to be all you can be.  I'll give you the tools to integrate into your daily life to help you develop, grow and heal.

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What I love to do...

I offer a variety of modalities, classes and courses, 1:1 Mind-Body-Soul Rebalancing sessions, Soul Nourishment Women's Days & Weekends,           Reiki sessions and workshops.
Each of us experience challenging times throughout our lives.
With empowerment, spiritual insight and guidance we can learn
how to create and live a positive, calm, more balanced life.




$120- 6 weeks

Regardless of your level of interest or understanding, everyone is welcome...


(Reiki, Spiritual,
Auric Magnetic healing)

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$110 - 1¼ hours

Including spiritual counselling

and hands-on healing

Sorry, often several months wait.

Angel Tarot Cards

$399 - 5 weeks

Ever wanted to learn to read a tarot deck and gain wisdom & insight into your own daily life?


These Angel Tarot Cards can provide you with inspiring, amazingly accurate guidance on your life journey!




All levels taught

Reiki 1 - $199  |  Reiki 2 - $299

Learn a simple, yet powerful hands-on healing technique for:

*calming and re-vitalising your mind,  body and spirit

*relieving stress and pain 

*bringing healing & balance to yourself, family, friends & pets 

With an open heart and mind, you will enrich your life!




Understand YOUR SPECIAL NUMBERS, their significance & how to apply them to enhance your life!

$319 - 4 weeks


Begin to make sense of what motivates you & why you behave as you do;

your true nature & purpose.

This course can open you up to huge personal growth & understanding

about YOU!

$399 - 5 weeks


Jo is an absolute gift. She lives dedicated to her calling and in doing so offers space for profound healing and transmission of great wisdom. I've connected with Jo over the past six years, through her various offerings. She teaches with clarity, richness of content and patience. The classes I have attended provide both spiritual insight and practical tools that support my wellbeing every single day. Working with her in a one-on-one environment has provided me with support through journeying life challenges as well insights into steps that can support aligning with my full potential. Simply put, I am where I am, enjoying the beautiful unfolding of my soul's calling because Jo is living, embodying and sharing the calling of her own soul. Jo - for all of this, the laughs, and all the ways in which you consistently go above and beyond, I am deeply grateful. Thank you❤️


What Clients Say

Hi Jo, upon reflection, I realise I could have written a novel on all the ways you have enriched my life! But I'm sure not everyone has all day to read my review! The Mind-Body-Soul Rebalancing sessions, are truly that.  My whole being feels embraced, no part of me left unmet. Each session feels like a homecoming; returning me to a place of confidence and connection.  Jo empowers me and her offerings support me in trusting my intuition and living a heart lead life. Her one-to-one sessions have supported me in navigating grief and symptoms of chronic illness, in ways that would not have been accessible before I met her. Through both private sessions and group classes, I have learnt tools that help me feel alive and aligned… and for that I am truly grateful. Thank YOU xx


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